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We are a Toronto-based brand consultancy helping clients in North America and around the world get ready and stay ready for the future. We combine deep and wide experience with a collaborative mindset to deliver outcomes of the highest calibre.

We are proud to partner with organizations that believe in equity, diversity and inclusion.

After years and decades together as a successful team, we reframed the 2018 closing of Interbrand Canada as an opportunity to become Operative and reassess what motivates us. The answer was unanimous. We want to do great work with organizations that believe in equity, diversity and inclusion. Since our inception, we’ve embraced neurodiversity and emphasized the value and agency of all people.

We are a diverse team whose members share a common history with the leading global consultancy, Interbrand. We combine this invaluable brand experience with a collaborative mindset and attention to detail to consistently deliver outcomes of the highest calibre.


Mark Dwyer

Mark Dwyer

Strategy and story

+1 416 966 0400

Mark draws on deep experience in advertising, branding, and strategic development to help clients get ready and stay ready for the future.
Prior to forming Operative with his partners, Mark was General Manager at Interbrand Canada. As a former Creative Director of two national advertising agencies, Mark led teams and developed award-winning campaigns for a wide range of national brands.
Client experience includes: McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, British Airways, Molson, Corona Beer, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Hatch Engineering, Ryerson Future Skills Centre, Sun Life, Boston University School of Business, Delta Hotels and Resorts, KPMG, Plan International Canada, Scotiabank International, Suncor and the State of Oklahoma.


Toujan B. Atari

Toujan B. Atari

Client management


+1 647 200 1012

Toujan is responsible for client relations, team leadership and program management at Operative.
Her rules of client engagement include approaching projects with creativity, collaboration, flexibility, relationship building and continuity.
With over 19 years of experience in project and client management, her personable approach helps build strong client relationships and keeps teams motivated.
Client experience includes CPA Ontario, Hatch, NACO, Future Skills Centre, Sun Life Financial, Hudbay, Agnico Eagle, Planned Parenthood Toronto, Delta Hotels, UPS Canada, GWL Realty Advisors, the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine and the State of Oklahoma.


Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong

Strategic design


+1 416 893 4598

With over 25 years of experience, Chris’ approach to brand design is both creative and analytical. He believes that brand expression must work as a holistic system, where images, words, symbols come together to create a distinct brand persona.
Chris has worked many national and international clients including the State of Oklahoma, Questrom School of Business at Boston University, YMCA Canada, CPA Ontario, Hatch, NACO, Future Skills Centre, Syntegrity, Microsoft, RBC, Cellebrite and Aypa Power.
Chris is a certified Registered Graphic Designer (RGD) whose work has been recognized by the Rebrand 100 Global Awards.


Three steps towards brand authenticity

There was a time when we would talk about brand authenticity as a differentiating tactic, but we might argue that brands deemed inauthentic will soon be the exception as more and more organizations evolve because of the social justice movement that is holding us all to higher standards of behaviour. 

We deserve a better year

It’s going to be a better year because you and I and our brands will do better this year. For all the pain and disruption and loss 2020 unleashed, we’ve learned how fundamental it is to be better to each other and put our thoughts and prayers into actions and commitments. 

Brand Readiness facilitates growth

Brand readiness arms your organization with the ability to pivot on threats and act on opportunities more quickly and strategically. 

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